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Atlanta Ebony Dominatrix Mistress Sugar in a wetlook catsuit, vinyl heels, holding a flogger

Unfriendly Femme Fatale

Elite Ebony Dominatrix

Mistress Sugar is one of the East Coast's elite Ebony Dominatrixes. She has cultivated a collection of devoted submissives through her innate power and beauty. Her stunning face and divine, round ass grab your attention while her power and appetite for control bring you to your knees.

The psychology in kink is one of Mistress Sugar's favorite aspects of domination. Playful in her demeanor, Mistress Sugar loves to push your buttons for her satisfaction. You will love every minute of working hard to earn her approval through your submission.

Mistress Sugar's high expectations mean only the most respectful submissives earn a place at her feet. Will you make the cut? Read more about and submit an application to serve The Supreme Mistress Sugar.

Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Sugar in a leather wetlook catsuit and heels
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